Civil Construction

Safe Project Delivery, Together.

Services Offered:

Environmental construction

Stormwater drainage and detention

Pavement construction

Excavation: bulk and detailed

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Positive Outcomes Borne with Experience and Pride

BMI Contracting delivers complete and forward-thinking project solutions to its clients. With a team of experienced and professional engineering personnel, streamlined in-house systems refined over years of experience, and a focus on the environment, BMI Contracting guarantees the safe delivery of projects clients can be proud of.

Every project we take on is completed using modern plant and equipment that meet all WHS and EMS regulations. Workers’ health and safety and the surrounding environment are our main priorities – BMI Contracting never compromises this during our projects.

Tenders and Quotations:

Each project is unique – no two projects are the same. We understand that extra focus on planning goes a long way when working on intricate projects where there’s no room for error. For this reason, BMI Contracting will always make an effort to discuss any concerns, contradictions or discrepancies during the quoting and preliminary stages of the project. In doing this, we ensure that the project can run efficiently, as expected, once commenced.