Rural Maintenance Services

Rural Property Maintenance

BMI Contracting offer services to clients who own or need to manage assets in rural locations.

Key concerns:

The rural service team are conscious of your concerns and will always work to cause as little disturbance to the surrounding environment as possible. Plant and equipment use will be those best suited for completing the work.

Environmentally sensitive areas such as National Parks or forests are particularly sensitive to erosion issues. We complete careful planning to mitigate these issues.

When working on farms, pasture protection is essential as grass on the ground is feed for the animals and profitability for the farmer.

Services Offered

  • Vegetation clearing for asset management
  • Vegetation clearing for the eradication of weeds
  • Creation of access tracks for equipment and lifestock
  • Rural bridges
  • Drainage
  • Erosion control improvements
  • Construction of dams and renovation of dams

BMI Contracting complete these projects in line with your asset management plan, seasonal programme or as one-off projects.

What We Offer

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