Safe Project Delivery, Together

Service Offerings:

Residential Demolition 

BMI Contracting have industry leading experience in home demolitions – this is why many home builders recommend us as the contractor of choice. We approach demolitions in an environmentally conscious manner, with most materials sorted and recycled. On top of this, BMI Contracting backs its work with an industry leading satisfaction guarantee.

Civil Construction

BMI Contracting delivers complete and forward-thinking project solutions to its clients. With a team of experienced and professional personnel, streamlined in-house systems refined over years of experience, and a focus on the environment, BMI Contracting guarantees the safe delivery of projects clients can be proud of.

Commercial Demolition

BMI Contracting are highly experienced in asbestos removal and demolition of commercial buildings. Our team are experts at completing full or partial demolitions that fit seamlessly with a client’s safety and recycling targets, all whilst being completed within their project’s schedule.

Plant and Truck Hire

BMI Contracting run a fleet of modern and well maintained earthmoving equipment and trucks. Plant and truck hire services are available 24/7 to help you meet your project requirements and deadlines safely.

Rural Maintenance Services

BMI Contracting offer services to our clients who own or need to manage assets in rural locations. With vast experience and an environmentally conscious mindset, we can make a truly positive change to your property.

Recent Projects

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Our Three Points of Difference:

We Exceed Expectations

BMI Contracting focuses on exceeding the expectations of the client. Client satisfaction is the primary measure of a successful project. Our team of committed and respectful supervisors, operators and specialist tradesmen find great fulfilment in completing projects to specification. Pride and attention to detail ensure all projects have exceptional quality and exacting standards.

Quality Above All

BMI Contracting continuously collaborates with other specialist builders and uniquely qualified tradesmen as a core element of doing a project the right way the first time. We assess the full scope of a project and take into consideration what is required to satisfy the circumstances of the project without compromise.

Safety is our Priority

“Safe Project Delivery, Together” isn’t just a slogan. 

BMI Contracting work closely with clients to ensure a safe and efficient project for workers, civilians and the environent.


Civil Construction and Demolitions Group Equipped for Total Service Solutions.

Client Testimonials

“BMI Contracting performed island restoration works in a professional manner, with all members of the BMI Contracting team showing a keen interest in the protection of the area, appreciating the sensitive nature of the project. The positive attitude of BMI Contracting throughout the project is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to future opportunities to work together again.”

Chelsea Hankin, Field Ecologist Manager, Avifauna Research & Services

“BMI Contracting has been contracted to perform clearing and excavation work on our property for over 12 months.  They have at all times informed us about what they are doing and why.  They have been reliable and respectful towards all our staff… I have found their paperwork always clear and comprehensive.  I would recommend them for any farm or property work.”

Robyn Dove, Director, Pines Pastoral

BMI Contracting